About CAMNet

The Collaborative Adaptive Management Network (CAMNet) is dedicated to the proposition that adaptive management that involves active stakeholder collaboration is the preferred paradigm for resolving many complex natural resource management problems.


Sandhill CranesDecisions regarding complex natural resource management will be structured and informed by the principles and practice of collaborative adaptive management. This will result in improved sustainable ecosystem health and human systems. CAMNet will play a leading role in facilitating these decisions, highlighting excellence and innovation; promoting best practices, appropriate policies, and improved governance; and developing capable, visionary leadership.


The Collaborative Adaptive Management Network fosters resolution of complex natural resource management problems through:

  • the appropriate application of collaborative adaptive management,
  • emphasizing the use of best practices, and
  • creating and supporting learning opportunities for practitioners, decision makers, and researchers.


  • Foster project- and program-based innovation, learning and experimentation related to collaboration and adaptive management, as well as the application of these approaches to contemporary natural resource management problems.
  • Support research, documentation, and analysis of applications of collaborative adaptive management approaches.
  • Build capacity within the practitioner community (public and private sector and academia) by sponsoring a range of opportunities for information sharing, training, and education.
  • Create an ongoing mechanism for science-policy dialogue and information exchange that connects practitioners, researchers, and policy makers.


  • Forums to share lessons learned and best practices among practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and citizens
  • Training and educational workshops
  • Consultation for practitioners on the application of collaborative adaptive management
  • Outreach and communication with elected officials and senior agency staff at local, state, and federal levels