Lessons from the Field and Research

The Collaborative Adaptive Management Network (CAMNet) has partnered with The Resilience Alliance to produce a special feature in Ecology and Society entitled, Exploring Opportunities for Advancing Collaborative Adaptive Management (CAM): Integrating Experience and Practice. This special feature is designed to create an accessible record of hard-won, experiential knowledge about collaborative adaptive management, and transfer learning among practitioners in order to facilitate advances in the practice of CAM. The feature was organized by CAMNet and made possible by the authors and by generous support from The Nature Conservancy’s Great Rivers Partnership (TNC-GRP).

Summaries of the articles in the special feature are available for your review here. When you come across a paper that piques your interest, you can access the full paper on the Ecology and Society website. At the end of each summary (and on the Ecology and Society website), you’ll find a space for discussion. Do you have an example of one of the concepts discussed in the papers? Or a perspective that differs from what is put forth in one of the articles? Would you like to learn more about one of the case examples mentioned in the feature? Engage in a dialogue with fellow practitioners by sharing your experiences, comments, and questions about the articles.

Practitioner's perceptions of adaptive management implementation in the United States

Intermediate collaborative adaptive management strategies build stakeholder capacity

Insight into Enabling Adaptive Management

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Collaborative Adaptive Management: Challenges and Opportunities

Results chains: a tool for conservation action design, management, and evaluation

Integrating Collaboration, Adaptive Management, and Scenario-Planning: Experiences at Las Cienegas National Conservation Area

Designing Collaborative Processes for Adaptive Management: Four Structures for Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

Navigating a Murky Adaptive Co-Management Governance Network: The Agua Fria Watershed, Arizona, USA

Do adaptive co-management processes lead to adaptive co-management outcomes? A multi-case study of long-term outcomes associated with the National Riparian Service Team's place based riparian assistance