CAMNet Rendezvous 2007

Thirty individuals from government agencies, universities, local communities, and organizations that provide adaptive management, communications, and collaborative problem-solving services participated in the first annual CAMNet Rendezvous.  This event featured a tour of Rocky Mountain National Park led by Therese Johnson, Rocky Mountain National Park, on Sunday, January 7, 2007.  Ms. Johnson provided background information on the Park’s research and assessment of vegetation management challenges, the public scoping and input process, and the development of an Environmental Impact Statement regarding alternatives to addressing the vegetation and elk management issues.  During the course of the event, participants discussed key issues on the horizon for CAM practitioners, challenges and opportunities for implementation of CAM, opportunities and obstacles to increase desired ecological responses and reduce costs of water management, and capacity building for more effective science-based, citizen-engaged land management decision making.  On the final day of the event, participants shared the draft Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Handbook and Department of Interior (DOI) Guidebook on AM and NEPA and agreed to prepare letters to CEQ and DOI with CAMNet feedback on these guidance documents.

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