CAMNet Rendezvous 2008

On January 13-15, 2008, the Collaborative Adaptive Management Network (CAMNet) convened the second annual Rendezvous in Homestead, Florida. This gathering was designed to provide a forum for CAM practitioners, scientists, policy makers, academics and stakeholders to:

  • develop solutions for key challenges to implementing collaborative adaptive management(CAM);
  • and develop a common understanding of polices and guidance needed to support successful CAM implementation.

CAMNet Rendezvous 2008The 2008 Rendezvous was made possible by the support of PBS&J and the South Florida Water Management District and participant registration fees. The Program for the event was developed by a committee of CAMNet members. Participants came from the Glen Canyon, Missouri River Basin, Upper Mississippi River System,Platte River, Pacific Northwest, New England and the Florida Everglades, and included adaptive management (AM) practitioners, scientists, academics, and policy makers from state and federal agencies, universities, and the private sector.

Participants reviewed successes, challenges and lessons learned from CAM projects around the country, with a special focus on the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program (CERP). Following a field visit to Everglades National Park, attendees participated in work groups to generate ideas for addressing key challenges to successful implementation of AM that were identified during the plenary sessions. The results of these breakout groups included both specific recommendations for advancing adaptive management and restoration in the Everglades, as well as general recommendations that are relevant across multiple AM programs. On the final day of the gathering, participants focused on the link between CAM and policy and discussed recommendations for policies and guidance to support the successful implementation of CAM.

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