CAMNet Rendezvous 2009

On March 8-10, 2009, the Collaborative Adaptive Management Network (CAMNet) and local host the Platte River Recovery and Implementation Program (PRRIP) convened the third annual Rendezvous in Kearney, Nebraska. This gathering was designed to provide a forum for innovative natural resource managers, scientists, policy makers, academics, and citizens to:

  • share successes and challenges regarding CAM implementation,
  • hear examples of mechanisms and strategies for linking science and monitoring results with natural resource decisions and management,
  • and discuss skills and competencies needed for successful execution of CAM.

Platte River Field VisitThe 2009 Rendezvous was made possible by the support of PBS&J, the Headwaters Corporation, HDR, the Kearney Visitors Bureau, and participant registration fees. The Program for the event was developed by a committee of CAMNet members. Participants came from the Glen Canyon, Missouri River Basin, Upper Mississippi River System, Platte River Basin, Arizona, and the Florida Everglades, and included adaptive management (AM) and collaboration practitioners, scientists, academics, and policy makers from state and federal agencies, universities, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.

The event began with a welcome from W. Don Nelson, publisher of Prairie Fire newspaper, a Great Plains publication covering public policy, the arts, and the environment, and former Nebraska State Director for United States Senator E. Ben Nelson, policy adviser to several governors in Nebraska and Wyoming, and investment banker in the private sector for 14 years. Following this, a panel of representatives from four CAM programs at a variety of scales, geographic locations, and ecosystem types around the country shared successes and challenges associated with advancing from CAM planning to implementation. Participants then heard about and had an opportunity to discuss the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program's cutting edge adaptive management program and approach to collaborative decision-making and governance. A field visit to Cottonwood Ranch on Monday morning enabled attendees to view first hand a stretch of the Platte River where the Nebraska Public Power District, one of the partners involved in the PRRIP, is conducting restoration actions and preparing for management experiments planned for 2010 to help answer some of the questions identified through their AM program. Following presentation and discussion of AM and ESA, and strategies for connecting science with management and policy, the Platte River Whooping Crane Maintenance Trust, another PRRIP partner, invited attendees to hear about the relationship between habitat needs of migratory birds and the restoration activities planned by the PRRIP. Rendezvous participants enjoyed the use of the Trust's blinds to view tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes as they returned to the river from nearby fields and settled for the night.

Rendezvous Summary 2009 [PDF]486.04 KB
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Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program - Dennis Kubly [PDF]2.45 MB
CAM at La Cienegas National Conservation Area - Karen Simms [PDF]10.64 MB
AM in the Missouri River Recovery Program - Craig Fleming [PDF]833.26 KB
CAM on the Platte River - Jerry Kenny and Chad Smith [PDF]6.85 MB
Adaptive Resource Management - Dale Humburg [PDF]18.78 MB
Standards of Practice - Steve Light [PDF]2.31 MB